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Listen... I am still doing this workout and will do a FULL review soon, but I have to say P90X3 is awesome! I feel like an athlete training with it. In 30 minutes I am getting the best workout! Seriously if you are looking for something new, to [...]


Body Beast Workout Review…

O.K. I started the Body Beast workout about two weeks ago , and I am nothing less than impressed with the videos.  I have done P90X and Insanity with great results, but wanted to try something different and attempt to add some muscle mass for the [...]


FF30X Workout Review

When The Fit Dads website was started back in 2012 I was 35... now I am pushing 40 and I gotta say it makes a big difference! Recovery is harder... Seems much easier to put weight around the mid section... Energy & motivation seem to [...]


Beachbody Partners with Ironman North America!

  On May 16th 2016 TeamBeachbody announced that it partnered with Iroman North America beginning this spring.  That means that the Beachbody Performance line of products will be the Official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the Ironman North America [...]

Top 3 Reasons To Become a Teambeachbody Coach!

Let's start with what a Teambeachbody Coach does.  A Teambeachbody coach is someone who has had a life changing experience using Beachbody products, and now has decide to help others using the proven products and programs.  A Teambecahbody Coach [...]


Beachbody BODathon! 4 Workouts – 2.5 Hours

As an athlete and fitness fanatic I always try to find new ways to challenge myself. I have competed in grappling tournaments, Spartan Races, Rugged Maniac runs, trail runs, adventure races and always want more. With the weather changing over to [...]

max 30

Week Two Insanity Max 30

This morning started week 2 of Insanity Max 30, no doubt this week was much better than last.  Does one week really make a difference?  Absolutely! My goal is to dig deep, workout harder and eat cleaner as each week passes. Only 42 days till I [...]


UX3 Protein Review

We always love giving new supplements a go here at The Fit Dads, so when I saw the UX3 shakes I was intriqued. It has the ingredents list I enjoy and a fair price. Also I do like to switch up the supplements I take every once in awhile. Don't ask me [...]


The 4 Musts to Change Your Body, Mind, and Life!

In today's day and age there are so many diets, workouts, and pills that promise people the world, but  the simple fact is that these things don't work because they are not the total package.  Most people fail because they are looking for a [...]


Insanity Max:30 Coming Soon!

TeamBeachBody did it again. A new ground breaking 30 minute workout that will push you to your max. If you though Insanity was difficult this new video will blow your mind. This 30 minute workout will push you to your limits and have you begging [...]


Free and Effective Home Workouts!

Deck of Cards Training Intense Customizable Workout This workout can be done anywhere and in approximately 18-25 minutes. Don't Get Stuck In A Rut! This is a great way to add some variety to your workout routine with a quick, effective, [...]


Body Beast Workout On Sale Now!

If you are looking to pack on lean muscle and get into great shape then this is the workout for you.  Teambeachbody has just reduced the price of the Body Beast Challenge Packs and Body Beast Workouts.  If you were on the fence about starting this [...]


P28 Healthy Protein Bread

 I eat pretty clean, and that doesn't really include many grain or bread options, until now.  The reason I don't use bread or grains in my diet is because it is so hard to find a good product that is worth spending the extra money on.  Well I [...]


PiYo Workout Review

Team Beachbody is rolling out its newest video soon.  Be the 1st to buy this new exciting take on two of the best full body workout programs.  One of Beachbody's oldest, and best trainers put her spin on some classic workouts.  PiYo is a [...]



Face it! We are all getting older and I seriously wonder where some of these aches and pains come from. Sure when I am working out consistency and eating right the pains are less, but wow lately I have been feeling a bit stiff! Could be the weather, [...]


New Year, New Shakeology Flavor!

That's right, Beachbody is bringing you a new flavor.  New Strawberry Shakeology will start shipping on January 13th.  The healthiest meal of the day will now be available in Strawberry flavor.  I am placing my order now so I can be one of [...]