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Body Beast Workout Review…

09 February 2013 / 100 comments
Category: Workout Reviews

ken beastedO.K. I started the Body Beast workout about two weeks ago , and I am nothing less than impressed with the videos.  I have done P90X and Insanity with great results, but wanted to try something different and attempt to add some muscle mass for the winter.  Now, Tony Horton is awesome, but Sagi Kalev is the man!  The Body Beast workout program is totally different than all the other BeachBody workouts, and that is what makes it so great.  I am going to give you a break down of the workouts and what I have seen and felt over the first 2 weeks of this program.


For this workout program the training schedule is 6 days a week for 12 weeks, which is broken down to 3 blocks.  The three blocks of this program are Build, Bulk, and Beast.  The Build block is the first 3 weeks.  The Bulk block is 5 weeks long, and the Beast block is the final 4 weeks.  I am only 2 weeks in so I am in the middle of the Build block right now, and I am already feeling and seeing a difference in my body.

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Block 1: Build

The 1st week breaks down like this.  Each of the workouts starts with a pep talk from Sagi, and a description of what the workout is going to be like.  Each workout consists of a warm up, workout, and stretch.  The workouts vary in length of time are are shorter than the P90X workouts.

Day 1: Chest/Tri’s

  • The Chest/Tri’s workoutconsists of mostly exercises that I have been doing for years, but the big difference is the super sets and drop sets that are done in all the workouts!  Chest and Tri’s workout is 49 minutes from start to finish, and gives you a great pump.  The entire Build block consists mostly of 15, 12, and 8 rep sets on just about every exercise.  Some of the exercises in this workout include a 8 rep drop set following the last 8 rep set which really gives that pumped feeling.  The sets are designed to start with light weights for the 15 rep set and then increase the weight on the next sets while decreasing the number of reps.  The workout includes all classic exercises like incline bench presses, dumbbell flys, tricep kick backs, and close grip presses.  To really increase your muscle pump you also get a partial flat bench fly, decline push ups, and close grip push ups.  Awesome workout for chest and tri’s, really gives you a pump.

Day 2: Legs

  • This workout is by far the hardest of all the workouts that I have done up until this point.  Even though the workout lasts only 38 minutes the pain lasted for 2 days.  My legs were really sore after this one because you are working a lot of muscles you normally don’t work with just squats and dead lifts.  Anyway this workout continues along with the drop sets of 15, 12, and 8 for almost all the exercises.  There are a lot of old favorites here, but Sagi adds some interesting combinations.  For instance one giant set in this workout contains parallel squats, Bulgarian squats, and straight leg dead lifts, one after another for 15, 12, 8  in each set.  So yes you are doing 45 reps in one set of this exercise series.  Sagi also throws in some step ups, calf raises, and lunges.

Day 3: Back/Bi’s

  • This workout is a classic combination with back and bi’s.  Some old favorites are mixed in here, but the workout is so effective because of the drop sets and the number of reps you are performing.  The back and bi workout is 50 minutes long and really gives your biceps a huge pump.  During this workout you will perform pull ups, pull overs, EZ bar rows, one arm bent over rows, close grip chin ups, EZ bar curls, seated dumbbell curls and a Sagi favorite 1,1,2 hammer curls.  My arms are probably my worst developed body part so I am counting on changing that with workouts like this.

Day 4: Cardio & Abs

  • The cardio workout is a 30 minute full body, high intensity workout that really gets you sweating.  This workout combines squats, running in place, squat jumps, mountain climber, jumping lunges, deadlifts, plyo push ups, and planks.  The workout focuses on 20 seconds of explosion and intensity then a hold for 10 seconds for most of the exercise really giving you a burn.  This is a fast paced workout that will keep your body burning calories throughout the day after you have completed the workout!

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  • The abs workout is only 11 minutes but boy do you feel it the next day.  I could not get through all the exercise without stopping the 1st time I attempted this workout.  Sagi focuses again on classic ab exercises including crunches, hip ups, Russian twists, windshield wipers, and cobras.  Sagi does add some twists here making you perform a spider-man crunch, which consists of a plank where you bring you knee to your elbows.  Also a bucket drop where you are in a plank and then bring your knee across under you body putting your outside hip almost to the ground.  Finally, you finish with his version of the leg raise where you spell BEAST with your feet forward and backwards…Awesome!

kenshreddDay 5: Shoulders

  • The shoulders workout lasts 39 minutes and really concentrates on hitting all the muscles of your shoulder to give them that rounded look.  Again Sagi focuses on the 15, 12, 8 rep and set method for this workout.  Many of the exercises you are used to doing appear here just with that special set routine that really gives you the pump! This workout includes shoulder press, lateral raises, upright rows, rear delt raises, and shrugs.  Sagi does add 2 exercise I have never seen before which are the underhand shoulder press and the Sagi 6 way.  Underhand shoulder press is exactly how it sounds, it is a shoulder press in front, but with your palms facing in towards your body while holding the barbell.  The Sagi 6 way is 6 moves equal one rep.  This exercise includes a lateral raise, moved to a front raise, then into a seated skull crush, and then back out the same way equaling 6 moves. Killer!!!!  Also he introduces you to the 1,1, 2 rep which is front raises 1,1 being each arm and then both arms together equaling one rep…..Burn!!!

Day 6: Rest

  • This is just as an important day as the workout days because your body needs time to rest and repair.  With workouts like this it is so important to give your muscles the time they need to rest.  Over training happens a lot and can really set you back.  Take time to rest and concentrate on your diet on this all important day!

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Day 7: Chest/Tri’s

Same as above, just that much better the 2nd time through the workouts!

 Week 2:                                                                         Week 3:

Day 1: Legs                                                                   Day 1: Shoulders

Day 2: Back/Bi’s                                                         Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Shoulders                                                        Day 3: Chest/Tri’s 

Day 4: Rest                                                                    Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Chest/Tri’s                                                      Day 5: Back/Bi’s

Day 6: Legs                                                                    Day 6: Shoulders

Day 7: Back/Bi’s                                                          Day 7: Cardio/Abs


  • The bulk series is new school bodybuilding routines to pump you up in ways you never imagined.  Here is the breakdown of the workouts for the Bulk Series.
  • The workouts rotate through the next 6 weeks having you complete the same body part you do on the 1st you will do on day 7.

Bulk – Chest- This workout is 30:07 minutes and combines super sets, force sets, and progressive sets to take you chest to another level.

Bulk- Back – Being only 29 minutes long you can’t imagine how difficult this workout is.  My back has always been a weak point in my physique, and that is no longer the case after this workout program!

Bulk – Shoulders These shoulder exercises focus on the posterior delts or the back of the shoulder to give your shoulders a more 3D look.  This workout is roughly 35 minutes and has really made my shoulders much rounder and defined.

Bulk – Arms – This workout focuses on your bi’s and tri’s to get you the big arms you have always wanted.  Lots of super sets in this workouts that really pronounce the hypertrophy effect.  Again this workout is only about 35 minutes.

Bulk – Legs – This workout is a little longer at 41 minutes but will definitely get you some huge legs!


During these weeks you are only going to see two new workouts.  You will see Beast Total Body and Beast Lucky 7.  The majority of the weeks is a mix of all three phases of the program including build, build, and beast workouts all mixed together to give you great results.

Beast – Total Body – This workout has it all including pull ups, push ups, weighted squats, crunches, weighted lunges, dumbell deadlifts, biceps curls and triceps kickbacks.  It is a fast paced full body workout that keeps your heartrate high the whole time.  Approximately 38 minutes of pure awesome-ness……

Beast – Lucky 7 – This workout is only 22 minutes but is crazy intense. This workout is 7 sets of exercises performed 7 times each.  This is the ultimate pump! I am not going thru every set but here is an example of one of the pyramid sets.  You start this one by laying on the floor and doing a tricep skull crusher, then a chest press, then a crunch with the weight in front of you.  You start with one rep each then work your way to 7 reps each…..NUTS…..SO PUMPED BRO!

Well, I am finally finished with the Body Beast program and couldn’t be happier.  I have never done anything like this before and I was really impressed.  The only down side to this workout program is you really need a pretty good amount of weight for this program in order to get results.  The good news is that you can print out the workout sheets to take to the gym with you if you don’t have the weights at home.  Here is the bottom line with this program.  I started in pretty good shape, and still got results.  Imagine what it can do for you….

Body Beast Before & After Picture


Start: 205 lbs with 12.4 % body fat



End: 199 lbs with 9.5 % body fat. I lost weight and gained 1/2 inch on my chest and arms!


Ken Rayhon

Written by Ken Rayhon

I am the proud father of 3 wonderful children and know how hard it is to find time to stay in shape.  Working full time and taking care of

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100 Responses to Body Beast Workout Review…

  1. Julie says:

    I was looking to compare Hammer & Chisel and Body Beast when I came across your site. Love it! Love that you seem to truly have a passion for fitness and helping others and that you seem knowledgeable in this subject! Also, interesting to me is that your site is ‘Dads’. My hubby is a former college athlete that has lost interest in his fitness. He’s overweight, dips, drinks and has dangerously high blood pressure. I personally LOVE to workout (although, I too am in the worst shape of my life.) I’ve thought to myself that I’m going to start a ‘secret’ Save My Husband (childrens Father) mission. It’s just hard since he gets insulted when I suggest anything. I’m hoping that showing him your site might motivate him.
    As for me…I’m a naturally thin, small framed woman. I want to gain muscle as quickly as possible (I know, it takes time) and I am thinking that BB is the way to go and that HC will burn more weight than I care to lose. Do you agree? I’ve got some flab (lovely word) around my midsection which I’ve NEVER had before (afraid it might be an age thing :o( I’m f-f-f-f-fourty six, that sure is bitter coming out!) and think I can lose that with any workout. My eating habits are good. I just need to eat enough! Last time I was in really good shape I was literally eating until I gagged which doesn’t sound good but, it worked. :o/
    Sorry so long….so, H&C or BB? Thx!

  2. Terry says:

    I’m a 52 yr old, overweight (10-15 lbs), male former Army Master Fitness Trainer and current student for my personal trainer certification (along with my wife) through Action Personal Trainer Certification Course

    This is the best review online I’ve seen; thanks for your time and responses to the questions asked. I will now be ordering Body Beast and may sign up as a coach in your downline if you’re currently a BeachBody Coach.


  3. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m on day two of this and feel like I should be doing more! Should I add some cardio in the mornings?

  4. Melina Zelaya says:

    Can u stqrt domingo body beast im 14 but i can do alot of those excercises

  5. Natalie says:

    Hi! I am going into my second phase of T25 (Beta) tomorrow. I didn’t see many results with the first phase, though I did just get done with Jillian Michael’s Body Shred program prior to that, which I thought was harder than the Alpha phase. I want to do Body Beast in addition to T25, so that I can gain additional muscle. It is my hope to drop some weight and tighten up. Since T25 is M-F, I wanted to do Body Beast Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This would mean that I would have to two lifting sessions in one day. Do you think if I do this I will still have good results?

    Any suggestions?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hey Natalie, you talked a lot about exercising with T25 and BodyShred but not once did you mention your eating habits. You can’t outwork poor eating habits. Eating is 80% of the battle. If you are not getting the results from your workouts you may want to start looking at your eating habits. How would you describe your eating habits right now? I don’t think that two lifting sessions is going to make a huge difference if your nutrition isn’t right. Plus if you are giving your all with these workouts you shouldn’t have much energy to workout a second time. Let me know what your eating habits are like and then I can give my recommendation’s on your workouts. Talk to you soon.

  6. jb rubio says:

    Hi… If ever I am done with the Body Beast Program and I want to do it again, do I need to start from block1 or can I just start immediately to Block2????

  7. Raffe says:

    Excellent review – best I’ve read and I’m impressed that you respond to so many people. Very nice. Just curious on how you dealt with things popping up over the 90 days, e.g. taking off for a weekend camping or such – when training is out of the question for those few days? Would you suggest just doing the workout as scheduled on the day that you get back or doing the missed workouts and extending the program a few days to compensate? Thanks.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Thanks Raffe, yes things come up in a 90 day period and yes I would recommend just picking up where you left off in the program when you start back up. This will extend the program but is the smartest way to go about it. Did you start the program yet?

      • Ross Burkenstock says:

        I’m on my third round of P90X3 and completed the P90X program about 3 years ago. I’m 51, 175lbs and on the program ending tests can probably do about 100 pushups/16 pull ups. As you stated, I feel like the above programs got me into good shape and improved my general cardio and balance immensely but did nothing to add muscularity as I started with at worst an athletic build. Should my general level of fitness be sufficient to start this program? I’ve been using Whey protein, creatine and eating according to the diets provided in the other programs so the diet should not be too much of a stretch. Would like to add some muscle if possible at my age.

        • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

          Congrats on the 3 rounds of P90X3!!! I love that program too. Yes, after that you would definitely be ready for the Body Beast Program! You sound like you are on the right track with your nutrition, but I would suggest adding some more protein to your diet when you start the Body Beast program to help those muscles grow. How may grams of protein are you getting a day right now?

          • Ross Burkenstock says:

            Thanks. I do 5 meals/snacks following the p90x3 eating plan and take in about 140 grams of protein plus I drink an amino boost drink by Mellaleuca during workout. Trying to get proper gear. My max bench has never been more than 235 with a barbell. What do you think I’ll need for max weight Dumbbells for this program? I have some now and am evaluating do I buy a few more pairs of iron ones from Academy or buy an adjustable Bowflex type system. As you might know there is one set that maxes out at 52.5 lbs.

          • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

            Ross, BodyBeast has a lot of drop sets, and super sets, so I think you will be good to go with the 52.5 lb dumb bells. Also, sign up for a free Beachbody account so you can track your progress and get tips with nutrition and workouts. That way I can keep track of your goals and help out any way I can. Talk to you soon.

  8. Josh says:

    Thank you for your response.
    Can I use heavy tension resistance bands and make gains or is it absolutely necessary to use dumbells?
    Also, while I follow the BB program it will be crucial that I keep up with my Martial Arts just to maintain technique.
    Would you approve of 3-20 minute Martial Arts practices in the morning, every other day and Body Beast at night?
    Thanks again!

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Resistance bands are fine for the workout, no need for dumbells. As far as the 3 days a week for martial arts training that is fine too. What type of martial arts do you do? If you want to see gains with any workout program you need to be eating right. What are your eating habits like right now? Do you know how much protein you are consuming a day? Are you trying to put on muscle mass or just trying to get lean and toned? Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Eric says:

    What is I don’t have a pull up bar or just can’t do pull ups. Do I need more equipment other than a couple of bars and dumbells.

  10. Steven G says:

    I have never done a weight training program before and I’m 43. Is this something that i can get into relatively easily? I’m not a gym person so getting to do this at home seems a lot better for me. How many weights am I going to need? Also, I have no place for a pull up bar, is that important?

  11. Trevor says:

    Hi. I have just started this. Day five today. The problem is I’m very impatient… When will I see a change body x I’m pushing myself and sticking to the meals…

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hi Trevor, day five is a bit early to see result. If you are pushing hard and eating right then the 2 week mark is probably where you will notice some differences. Keep us posted on your progress and results.

  12. Richard Andrzejewski says:

    I am 72 years young, semi active, have had both knees replaced and overweight. I am 5′ 10″ and 260 pounds, want to tone my body and get down to my desired weight 190-195. Will this plan do it for me?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Good for you Richard, Going strong at 72. This is definitely a program for you as long as you listen to your body. I also have an easy to follow meal plan if you are interested?

      • Anthony says:

        Hey Ken im interrested inthat meal plan? I just statred body beast day one today.. any words of wisdom and my dumbbells go up to 65 pounds you think that will enough

  13. Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

    The Body Beast program will definitely help you lose weight and get into shape. Also many of the exercise will help strengthen your back as well. You will need some light free weights for the workout. If you are interested I can also set you up with a meal plan to follow to help you lose those extra pounds. Talk to you soon and if you decide to get the program you can track your progress here…

    • Jodi M says:

      I am on day 3 of week 2. I need a 45 year old female who needs to also lose 25-30 lbs. I am eating about 1200 calories a day making sure it is about the same macros as the Body Beast meal plan. If one round of Body Beast at this calorie count helps me to lose 15 lbs, would you recommend another round doing the same thing or the Hammer and Chisel workout?

  14. LaTonya Mace says:

    Want to purchase body beast ,but had back fusion surgery in January .Iam wondering if this the right program for me

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      LaTonya, as long as your doctor said you were cleared to workout, this program will work for you. A lot of the exercises will help strengthen your back. Let me know when you order so I can follow up with you.

  15. Adriana says:

    I have done Les Mills pump 2x and got grate results. Now I’m looking for another program. I am trying to get my belly down after having a baby. I want to tone my legs, abs, and arms. Will this workout help me lose my belly while toning?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hey Adriana, that’s awesome that you had great success with Les Mills! Yes if you are looking to tone your legs, and, and arms while flattening your belly then this workout is for you! Let me know when you purchase so I can help you track your progress!

  16. AshleyJorge says:

    If I use lighter weights, will I still tone up and lose weight? I did the 21 day fix, that worked for a good 10lbs but now I’m having trouble again. I want to try this. Curious lol

  17. Kyra says:

    I’m very interested in this. I have a personal trainer and I can see the results, but I want to step it up a little bit more. Do you recommend?

  18. Nobiku says:

    Body Beast is so much better for me than P90X. This is a great program – all that I will ever need for the rest of my training days. So many times I went to the gym – thinking I was getting a good workout. This puts it all together. Excellent review BTW.

  19. Missy says:

    Hey Ken! Thanks for the great post. Nice look into what I’m in for. Day 1 was yesterday and it felt great. Doing my own stuff at home for 4+ years while all my gfs busy themselves at the gym. People are always amazed I have gotten in shape on my own at home but with strict diet, willpower, research and programs like this it can be done!! So, here goes day 2 and my legs :) Thanks again for the overview, have a good one!

  20. Michael says:

    I am a little over half way through Body Beast and am really enjoying it, seeing nice gains and losing fat. My body composition is improving. I have the luxury of working out in a gym that isn’t too crowded so that I can do the workouts with heavier weights when needed.

    I am looking forward to doing round 2 of the Beast once I finish. My question is, are there exercises like dips, for example that I can substitute? I know the DVDs are based for people to be able to do with minimal equipment, but I have just about all I need at the gym. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  21. Ed Daly says:

    I just purchased the BodyBeast system, it arrives tomorrow!!!! I have done Insanity and have seen some good results, done several times in fast, but recall over the years that i was in my best shape when i worked out with two body builders back in the 80’s. So i am going to do it again, and looking forward to it. Have 90-100 lbs to knock off so it will be a while! wish me luck!

  22. want2livelong says:

    I am almost 300lbs and i am out of shape female looking for a plan to follow.i have no obstacles except for the fact i dont know what to do or if my body will do whats in the exercise plan without hurting body beast a good idea for me or should i stArt with something else

    • MCRob says:

      Start with just a small amount of weight, even if its just doing the motions. Your soreness will be slightly unsettling and may discourage you. I know from experience that if you use light weight or even just body weight you can accomplish your goal. Just gotta remember to rest when needed and push through. If you can maybe start with a walking or low impact cardio program and work your way into this program.

  23. Dennis C. says:

    Hi Ken,

    I just started the Body Beast Workout 5 days ago. The workout seems to be great so far. Not having lifted weight previously it is a challenge and I wish I would have started this before. It is great how Sagi motivates you to keep going even if you have to drop the weights or put a knee on the floor as long as you complete the exercise. This program is a great program for most.
    Thanks for your article and it just confirms my first impression of the Body Beast Workout.

  24. Walther Hernandez says:

    I’m a on the road truck driver for about a year and don’t have much room to work with would this be the right program for me ?

  25. Elise says:

    I need this!!! I love the review… and home workouts.

  26. priyanka says:

    I don’t want all muscle body. There has to be some girly kinda feeling. Not like body builder. Please suggest if it is good for Girls. Though I want the same result for my abs.

  27. Mercedes says:

    Hi Ken,
    I am contemplating on getting the program. I am actually prepping for a competition in June. I do have a strict nutritional plan as prepared by my coach/nutritionist. But he does not train me so I am left to either find trainer or train myself. I have trained myself for a while now so I am comfortable with it. Unfortunately I have had some difficult times trying to find the right workout plan for me that I can stick to and really like. I want it to be hard but not boring.

    What are your thoughts on this for what I want and need? Any suggestions and advice would be great. Thanks for posting! Such great information.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hey Mercedes, The Body Beast Program definitely sounds right for you especially since you already have the nutrition aspect down. With that being said it is a program that is easy to follow and stick with. The program changes up at the right time and will get you great results. What competition are you doing in June? Best of luck and let us know where you placed!

  28. Jon says:

    Lakewood NJ? From the area myself!

    Ive completed p90x3 twice. Pretty lean but want to build some true bulk muscle. Do you think the bowflex 552 dumbbells are too light for body beast? I want to be sure I 100% need the 1090 before spending the extra $$.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Yeah Jon, I am in Howell! Next time we do a local event I will reach out to you. If you are saying you have 5 to 50 lb dumbbells, that will definitely be enough weight for the Body Beast Program. But the biggest challenge of adding lean muscle is your eating habits. You have to make sure you are getting enough protein and calories to build that muscle you are working so hard for. Do you know how many grams of protein you are consuming a day right now?

  29. John says:

    I can only train 3 days weekly.
    Can alternating total body and 7 every other day produce decent results?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hey John. If you are training only 3 days a week total body and lucky 7 is the way to go. The program is designed to get the best result by following the program, but if you only have 3 days then you have to make the best of it. The most important thing with only working out 3 days a week is going to be nutrition. Make sure your body is getting what it needs before and after the workouts! You can take a Pre-workout supplement before and a post workout supplement after to refuel your body! Let me know how it goes.

  30. Drew says:

    Does the mobile app give the full program . I work out at a gym and not home, does the app supply all I need for the workouts

  31. Ali says:

    Can you use the adjustable bowflex weights for this program or do you need free weights?

  32. nina says:

    do i need to take supplements with this?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hi Nina, I you are doing this program you should definitely be supplementing unless your eating habits are perfect. You are going to be working out hard and trying to build muscle, you need to make sure your body is getting all the help it can to grow and recover. Let me know what your goals are and I can make some recommendations.

  33. Jaclyn says:

    I am interested in this program but not sure if it is right for me. I want to lose 30lbs( weight gain due to medication) and I am scared that the bulk phase will build muscle on top of fat and make me bigger not leaner. Also last May I tore my shoulder and upper arm muscles.. I was out of commission for 5 weeks and after that I was able to go back to work and did PT for two month. My arm is still weak and I would love to strengthen it… Is this program too much?

  34. Jann Davis-Blair says:

    I’m considering this workout. What kind of equipment is recommended other than the weights? And how many pounds should they be? I currently have 10lb. & 5lb. weights.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Well Jann, depending on your fitness level will depend on how much weight you need. The program involves drop sets and supersets so I normally tell people to have between 5lb and 25lb dumbells. Teambeachbody offers an ez curl bar set to go along with this workout if that will help you at all. Let me know what your goals are and if you would have access to additional weights. If you don’t then maybe we can find an alternative workout program to help you achieve your goals. Hope to hear from you soon.

  35. Angie says:

    Looking to purchase this for my husband. He’s 48 years old. Could maybe lose about 10-15 Pds and tone up. He hasn’t really worked out much in the last two years. Would this be a good fit for him?

  36. Darrick Pierce says:

    What specific weights do I need to use this program?

  37. silkyslim says:

    Does anyone know if its possible and effective to consolidate the workout day from six to three or even four?

    Frequently the gym six days each week seem a bit much and does not support my schedule.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      You can change the program to fit your needs but the program will last longer and you might not get the same results. If you are looking for something you can do 3 or 4 times a week let me know and I can make some recommendations.

      • Scott Gleaton says:

        Ken I need to be able to reduce this program to a 4-day week but looking for great results as shown in the information. Beachbody suggested following the program and just pick up each week where I did not complete the 6 days.

  38. Braden says:

    Does Sagi go through proper form at any point? I have purchased and watched the first video to see what I am in for and didn’t really see a lot of discussion about specific form.
    Does he get more thorough with that in further workouts? I really need to avoid injuries. I already have a shoulder impingement I’m trying to fight off.

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      The Body Beast program is not really for beginners, so Sagi does not spend as much time on form as I think he should. Tony and the P90 videos do a lot better job with talking about form. Stay strict with your form and heal that shoulder up!

    • Agh I had a shoulder impingement awhile back.
      Honestly the only way to recover is to rest and not push it. Stay away from anything overhead and push ups, any type of chest press. I know it sucks but take it easy for at least 2-3 weeks and you should feel better. Stretch as well. I thought it would never go away but after I really rested it did. Keep us posted

  39. Hal McCall says:

    Ok Im sold. Just one thing though. A few years ago I had lost 100 lbs in only five months. Got injured reciently and gained half of it back. Now that I have recovered Im ready to get serious but how simple is the diet plan. I went into ketosis the last time, not that I mind, but I dont want to do that for five months of exercising on a bowflex with a 1300 calorie diet again. I was miserable. What I need is for you to tell me is it broke down to just x many ounces of proteins and x many onces of carbs for the day. I usually just eat proteins and vegetables when loosing the weight. Please let me know.

  40. Annette says:

    I am 55 years old lost a lot of weight Is this a workout you would recommend if I want to reduce my body fat % lean out tone and tighten up.

  41. April says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Do you think I would be able to do this workout if I have back pain? It’s an injury I’ve had for 5 years now along with sciatica. I’ve been working out and doing pump at 24 hour fitness and have seen great results. I didn’t know if the beast would be too much for me? Also, I’m pescatarian paleo. Does the meal plan allow for these type of dietary requirements? Thank you for your feedback. ~April

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hi April,
      The Beast focuses on a lot of weight training, drop sets, and super sets. With that being said if you are doing pump you should not have a problem with the Body Beast. You will certainly be able to modify the meal plan according to your pescatarian paleo eating habits, and still get great results. You should definitely give the beast a go. Go Beast Mode Now! Let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck.

  42. Rashaud says:

    To anyone that will reply….. Trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Never did any kind of training or workouts except for when I played ball almost 10yrs ago. Any suggestions?

    • I guess the first question is what do you have access to?
      Gym? Home gym? Nothing at all?

      You need to start doing some sort of exercise and changing your diet. I know it sounds simple, but there really is no “magic” plan it is just finding a routine and sticking with it.

      If you can get a good workout routine going like Body Beast and follow a good eating plan… cut out all junk food, soda, processed crap and stick with it for a few months it will jump start you into a new life of fitness. You just have to START! You ready?

  43. Jennie G says:

    I am interested in this program but wonder if it is right for what I want. I want to gain muscle but also lose body fat. I am afraid during the bulk phase I might gain more then what I want. I have read there is a lean version but can’t seem to find any information on it.

    • It really comes down to how you are eating. If you eat enough and lift enough your muscles will grow. If you are lifting a ton and not eating enough to fuel your muscles then you are not going to grow. When you buy the workout you can follow the lean routine which will help in that. Getting huge muscles is not really easy. Most people always say I dont want to get big. I LOL at that and say go ahead and try…. getting BIG takes time and dedication…. either way if you follow the workout, eat a good balanced diet you are going to get results

  44. BJW says:

    Hey I just saw your review on Body Beast……I’m definitely into getting fit however it starts with my will and determination. I am 300lbs over weight and maybe on the verge of diabetes. My only concern is purchasing the program and not having the funds for the weights itself for the lifting routine. I really want to do it it seems like fun and hard work. Any suggestions.

    • Hey honestly you do not need much! I have used adjustable dumbbells that range from 5lb to 25lb for this workout and you still get a great pump!

      Look on craigslist for some dumbbells cheap! Think of it as an investment in your future. Maybe there is someone close to you friend/family that would help you with purchasing if they know you are looking to change your health for the better. Never be afraid to ask!

      Good luck!

  45. Hey John I would say that is fine, just make sure you are eating a bit more to compensate. I don’t think you are going to burn too many calories in 15-20 minutes at that easy pace, but if you are really look for the heavy gains fuel yourself.

  46. John says:

    Response appreciated.
    Can I still add a 15-20 morning Martial Arts maintenance workout 3 days weekly while on the Beast or will it hinder gains?
    These 15-20 minute sessions are at an easy pace just going through techniques to keep them in check while gaining some muscle.

  47. Mike C. says:

    Great review and pretty spot on…I am on my 5th week and LOVING this workout…I’ve done many cycles of P90X and Insanity, etc., but was looking for something more lifting-centric and this is it. Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to build more muscle mass and have a great time doing it.

  48. MC says:

    Hey Ken, reviewers, et al:
    Are you surprised at all by the weights the guys use in the videos? They seem incredibly light considering how huge those guys look. Esp. BUILD-SHOULDERS, Sean Lowe is doing dumbbell pench presses with a think like 20 pounders and seems struggling with the weights? I have much less mass than Sean, I stick to proper form, but the weights don’t seem nearly as challenging as he makes out in the video? What gives? I know Sagi calls Sean “girly weights” for this reason…I guess I am a bit amazed and/or skeptical that anyone can put on size with the amount of weights guys like Sean use?

    • Ken Rayhon Ken Rayhon says:

      Hey Halflink123, Thanks for the comment. I know what you are talking about but a lot more goes into looking like the guys in the videos then just lifting weights. I am by no means a huge bodybuilder, but found myself using heavier weights than most of the guys in the videos except for Sagi. That being said I feel the combination of the reps, sets, and super sets really made a difference in my physique. I definitely gained some size and became much more vascular after completing the workout program. The biggest gains I saw when doing the BodyBeast workout program was when I was really focusing on my diet. Adding extra protein to my diet while using a pre-workout and a recovery drink really helped my workouts, recovery, and physique. Building muscle is more about your diet than what you are doing in the gym. Change some things in your diet and maybe add a good quality recovery drink and see if that helps with gaining some size.

  49. David Gardner says:

    I just finished Body Beast round. I loved it, dont think I will ever pick up P90X again. You just cant beat the whole “dynamic” set aspect. I just never would have pushed myself that hard working out by myself.

  50. Phil Janes says:

    Having just completed the Beast I’d have to say it may be for some but definitely not for me overall although I will probably incorporate parts of it in a future P90X plan – especially the leg routine where P90X is a little lacking.

    Some history: I’ve previous experience of bodybuilding, never a believer of volume training, always heavy weights and high intensity.

    I left that lifestyle and started training from home, deciding that while I wanted to retain some size that wasn’t my goal any more.

    I completed 3 rounds of P90X (with a routine of my own for 12 weeks before round 3), which for its intended purpose I found to be excellent, I maintained size and finished SHREDDED.

    I’d received a bicep injury so decided to take a period of rest and then re-evaluate.
    During the period my bodyfat went from around 6% to 13%, which was to be expected.

    I then embarked on the Beast.

    I know on pure bodybuilding sites people have scoffed at the Beast and I understand why but having previously experienced very heavy weights, then the extreme ‘HIIT’ of P90X (where I always pushed weights far more than is perhaps usual) I can say that the Beast WILL challenge you, its certainly no walk in the park, even if you are already extremely fit.

    Now, the good sides: was some muscle gained? Yes, if home measurements are to be believed I gained around 4lbs of lean mass – some of this was ‘muscle memory’ from coming back from a de-trained state.

    However, fat gain was considerable, even with the end short cutting cycle and I also ended the last 2 weeks in an injured state with tricep tendonitis, extremely painful and likely to take months to clear up. At the moment I’m unable to even shake someone’s hand the pain is so bad.

    My form is excellent and I put this down to one thing (and again I know the reason for this – this is home training where certain workarounds have to be made): FAR FAR FAR too many reps and exercises such as skull crushers are guaranteed to mess your elbows up.

    So overall, from a home workout perspective (and please be realistic, no-one will end up looking like Sagi from training at home without a power cage, barbells and various ‘aids’) and results to be gained in that setting, I have to say that P90X is still absolute king as it covers all bases and will give MOST people the results they probably want.

    From past experience I know I would have gained the same amount of muscle back doing the X and would have finished up far, far leaner, fitter, with better core strength, flexibility, speed and all the rest of it, and IMO although there’s scope for injury in the X: biceps get overworked training back and bis so much and Plyo can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful but over the program the X takes much better care of you with warming up, cooling down, flexibility days etc etc.

    • Hey Phil great info. Thanks for that. Sorry to see you are dealing with injuries. Never fun!! Good points on P90X as well. I have not done Body Beast, Ken has, but I am finishing up a p90x/insanity hybrid and P90X really is a great workout. Like you said the majority of people will get the results they need from P90X. Ken should be finishing up his final review of Body Beast soon and posting some before and after pics so I am looking forward to his results.

  51. Great review man! I had no clue this is how it was set up. Would love to try this workout down the road. Maybe a nice bulk up around the holidays!

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