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Coping With Surgery As A Fit Dad…

As you may have noticed, I have not made any workout posts here on TheFitDads in a while, and there is a valid reason behind that.  I have been nursing a hip injury that has stopped me from working out.  In 2008 ,I was diagnosed with a tear in [...]


The Spartan Race Is Coming To NBC!

Finally, a quality reality show is coming to network television this fall.  This is going to be a cross between Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior, and I am pumped for it.  The Spartan Race has partnered with NBC Sports to bring you a first hand [...]


Fit Dads Spotlight!

Here at Thefitdads we are always trying new ways to get dads inspired and motivated, so we are proud announce our Fitdads spotlight!  We are going to try and make this a regular appearance on the site to show all the dads out there that we care [...]


Fatherhood After Losing A Child?

I could never pretend to know how this feels and I would imagine some of the visitors to this site do.... My wife just forwarded me this article by Mike Spohr and I highly recommend you take a few minutes and read it. Really makes you think [...]