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Fit Dad Challenge 2013


Burn Baby Burn

Just wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving and know that I will be running at least 1 mile everyday until New Years Day. This is an attempt to burn those dreaded lb's during the holiday season. Here's the way I look at this challenge, [...]


The Spartan Race Is Coming To NBC!

Finally, a quality reality show is coming to network television this fall.  This is going to be a cross between Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior, and I am pumped for it.  The Spartan Race has partnered with NBC Sports to bring you a first hand [...]


Top 5 Reasons To Quit The Gym And Get Fit At Home!

There are so many gyms and health clubs out there it is hard to choose the one that is right for you.  Getting the results you want when it comes to your physique or fitness does not come from the gym it comes from within!  So this short article [...]


Fit Dads Spotlight!

Here at Thefitdads we are always trying new ways to get dads inspired and motivated, so we are proud announce our Fitdads spotlight!  We are going to try and make this a regular appearance on the site to show all the dads out there that we care [...]


TeamBeachBody First Responders Challenge Group

                                                                 According to a recent article by the  First Responders Foundation  about 75% of first responders are overweight or [...]


Another Fit Dad Event!

                                               I just signed up for the 2013 Run To Remember John 5K in Seaside Park, N.J. on June 1st to support a great cause. Sgt. John Lyons grew up in Seaside, N.J. [...]


Last 30 Days – Started in my Underwear

Yeah I know it is a strange title to a post. Almost inline with my which armpit is stinkier post. So today is April 1 and the beginning of my last month in this 90 day challenge. No more messing around! I am cleaning up my diet, adding in some [...]


How Often Should You Change Your Running Sneaker?

When should you change your running sneakers? Well, that is going to depend on your body type, running style, and lengths of your runs. If you are not an avid runner you are probably not keeping track of how many miles you are running in your [...]


Top 5 Workout Songs From Fit Dad Ken!

I don't know about you, but nothing helps me push through a tough workout like a great song.  Obviously you cannot use your Ipod for every workout, but running, biking, and lifting weights is where I love to dig deep with great music.  Thanks to [...]


Half Way There

A month has gone by since I started my new workout schedule and boy what a difference a month can make!  I've been averaging 3 two a day workouts per week and it's really paying off.  Listen it's not easy by any means, especially when my second [...]

feb over

February is in the History Books

Well today I finished my first month of my 90 day challenge. Granted February only has 28 days, but I was excited to mark that last box on the calendar! Today was an Insanity/Ab Ripper X day and I felt really, really good today. There are a few [...]


Week 4 of The Challenge

YES!! I am in week 4 of my P90x/Insanity Hybrid workout 90 day challenge. From past experience this is usually where things either get way better or way worse.  What I mean by that is usually after I have gone about 3 weeks I start to feel a lot [...]



It's been 15 days since I took part in The Fit Dad Challenge 2013 and believe it or not I'm already seeing/feeling the results.  If you've been following me on facebook or website under the right hand navigation area under Fit Dad's Workouts you [...]


Learn From Week One

Week 1 of The Fit Dad Challenge is complete, how did you do?  I did better than expected and very happy as I enter week 2.  For those that wanted more out of week 1 it's the past, you can't do anything about it.  What you can do is learn from it [...]


Two A Days

So here's the deal, since breaking my leg in September I mentioned that I put on some weight, where did those extra lbs. go?  Right in the mid-section. I'm going back to what worked the last time I had that spare tire/love handles, Insanity and [...]