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Week Two Insanity Max 30

This morning started week 2 of Insanity Max 30, no doubt this week was much better than last.  Does one week really make a difference?  Absolutely! My goal is to dig deep, workout harder and eat cleaner as each week passes. Only 42 days till I [...]


Coping With Surgery As A Fit Dad…

As you may have noticed, I have not made any workout posts here on TheFitDads in a while, and there is a valid reason behind that.  I have been nursing a hip injury that has stopped me from working out.  In 2008 ,I was diagnosed with a tear in [...]


Can Insanity Help With Your Running Goals?

I've done some reading on Beachbody, Runners World and BeginnerTriathlete forums and this question comes up frequently.  The answer for me is YES!  The benefits have worked for both short and long distances but for this post I'm going to focus on [...]


To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

To stretch or not to stretch that is the question.  I just read a really interesting article titled Stop Stretching.  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is very interesting and goes into detail about why stretching can be harmful , in [...]


Pain or Injury

My coaches in High School always used to say there is a difference between pain and injury.  Pain is common in sports and pushing through the pain can make you stronger mentally and physically, but finishing the game or workout with a potential  [...]