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Custom Sport Art Work

About a month back myself, Ken, and Ken's buddy Brian ran the Rugged Maniac. It was awesome!! Well the other day Brian posted some artwork on Facebook and I was blown away that he drew them! No [...]


Fitness Calculators

Need help finding out what your average pace per mile is when you run, bike etc?  What about amount of calories you burn when carry your clubs playing a round of golf, play softball or even yard work.  Keep in mind these calculators are not exact [...]

Happy Fathers Day

Just wishing all the dads out there a Happy Fathers Day! Enjoy the day with your loved ones.


Happy National Running Day!

Did you know June 5th is National Running Day?  I'm going to celebrate and run 7 miles right after this post.  What about you?  Come on celebrate with me, tie up your sneakers, play some music through your headphones/pods or listen to your [...]


To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

To stretch or not to stretch that is the question.  I just read a really interesting article titled Stop Stretching.  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is very interesting and goes into detail about why stretching can be harmful , in [...]


Pain or Injury

My coaches in High School always used to say there is a difference between pain and injury.  Pain is common in sports and pushing through the pain can make you stronger mentally and physically, but finishing the game or workout with a potential  [...]


Drop That Donut

Hahah you gotta love I was on there and saw this guy would make a fun video so why not. Check it out!!


Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Do you know how important sleep is when it comes to weight loss?  For those dads out there with a newborn I'm sure it's hard enough finding energy to exercise let alone get a enough sleep.  Trust me you'll forget those sleepless nights soon [...]


Which Armpit Stinks More?

Don't even ask me why I am posting this today! I have noticed lately that my left armpit is way more stinkier then my right armpit. Now I have not used antiperspirant in probably 5 years however I do use deodorant. Basically antiperspirant blocks [...]