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Beachbody Partners with Ironman North America!

  On May 16th 2016 TeamBeachbody announced that it partnered with Iroman North America beginning this spring.  That means that the Beachbody Performance line of products will be the Official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the Ironman North America [...]


UX3 Protein Review

We always love giving new supplements a go here at The Fit Dads, so when I saw the UX3 shakes I was intriqued. It has the ingredents list I enjoy and a fair price. Also I do like to switch up the supplements I take every once in awhile. Don't ask me [...]


Body Beast Workout On Sale Now!

If you are looking to pack on lean muscle and get into great shape then this is the workout for you.  Teambeachbody has just reduced the price of the Body Beast Challenge Packs and Body Beast Workouts.  If you were on the fence about starting this [...]


P28 Healthy Protein Bread

 I eat pretty clean, and that doesn't really include many grain or bread options, until now.  The reason I don't use bread or grains in my diet is because it is so hard to find a good product that is worth spending the extra money on.  Well I [...]



Face it! We are all getting older and I seriously wonder where some of these aches and pains come from. Sure when I am working out consistency and eating right the pains are less, but wow lately I have been feeling a bit stiff! Could be the weather, [...]


New Year, New Shakeology Flavor!

That's right, Beachbody is bringing you a new flavor.  New Strawberry Shakeology will start shipping on January 13th.  The healthiest meal of the day will now be available in Strawberry flavor.  I am placing my order now so I can be one of [...]

buy energy and endurance

Energy and Endurance

Being a Beachbody Coach I test out every product I do a review on because it is only fair that I give you  honest feedback. With that being said I have been wanting to get my hands on some Energy & Endurance drink for some time now and it [...]


Vanilla Shakeology Review

Awhile back I had wondered why there was no Vanilla Shakeology since normally I would go for vanilla flavor when it came to protein drinks etc... I would later find out that most vanilla flavors had to use artificial flavors in order to get the [...]


Protein Powder Tip

What do you do when you buy a protein powder that tastes BAD!! Do you toss it? Hand it off to a friend? I have been meaning to do a few reviews on some protein powders I purchased recently. Some good, some not so good. More on those in another [...]


Chocolate Shakeology

Just wanted to share with you my favorite Chocolate Shakeology recipe since I just got done having mine after my circuit weight training and 7 mile run workout. 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology (160 calories) 8 oz. of Silk Almond Milk (60 [...]