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Beachbody Partners with Ironman North America!

  On May 16th 2016 TeamBeachbody announced that it partnered with Iroman North America beginning this spring.  That means that the Beachbody Performance line of products will be the Official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the Ironman North America [...]

max 30

Week Two Insanity Max 30

This morning started week 2 of Insanity Max 30, no doubt this week was much better than last.  Does one week really make a difference?  Absolutely! My goal is to dig deep, workout harder and eat cleaner as each week passes. Only 42 days till I [...]


The 4 Musts to Change Your Body, Mind, and Life!

In today's day and age there are so many diets, workouts, and pills that promise people the world, but  the simple fact is that these things don't work because they are not the total package.  Most people fail because they are looking for a [...]


Free and Effective Home Workouts!

Deck of Cards Training Intense Customizable Workout This workout can be done anywhere and in approximately 18-25 minutes. Don't Get Stuck In A Rut! This is a great way to add some variety to your workout routine with a quick, effective, [...]


Body Beast Workout On Sale Now!

If you are looking to pack on lean muscle and get into great shape then this is the workout for you.  Teambeachbody has just reduced the price of the Body Beast Challenge Packs and Body Beast Workouts.  If you were on the fence about starting this [...]


PiYo Workout Review

Team Beachbody is rolling out its newest video soon.  Be the 1st to buy this new exciting take on two of the best full body workout programs.  One of Beachbody's oldest, and best trainers put her spin on some classic workouts.  PiYo is a [...]


Kick Ass Workout!

I came across a real kick ass workout a couple weeks back and wanted to share it with you.  If you don't have time for T25, Insanity, P90x etc, and want a quick pump and cardio workout try this one on for size. It's call the 300 challenge, found [...]


Triathlon Checklist

This Sunday my wife and I will be competing in our town's centennial mini sprint triathlon (.3 swim, 9 mile bike and hilly 5k run).  This will be my 5th triathlon and the 1st for my wife, with that I promised her that we will do this together and I [...]


Top 5 Reasons To Quit The Gym And Get Fit At Home!

There are so many gyms and health clubs out there it is hard to choose the one that is right for you.  Getting the results you want when it comes to your physique or fitness does not come from the gym it comes from within!  So this short article [...]


Fitness Calculators

Need help finding out what your average pace per mile is when you run, bike etc?  What about amount of calories you burn when carry your clubs playing a round of golf, play softball or even yard work.  Keep in mind these calculators are not exact [...]


Training for PFT – Physical Fitness Test in the Military

I talk to a lot of young kids that are looking to go into the military and they ask me about training and how they can get into better shape, do more pull ups and run a fast mile. The answer is simple... you have to work hard and put in the [...]