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Beachbody BODathon! 4 Workouts – 2.5 Hours

As an athlete and fitness fanatic I always try to find new ways to challenge myself. I have competed in grappling tournaments, Spartan Races, Rugged Maniac runs, trail runs, adventure races and always want more. With the weather changing over to [...]


Coping With Surgery As A Fit Dad…

As you may have noticed, I have not made any workout posts here on TheFitDads in a while, and there is a valid reason behind that.  I have been nursing a hip injury that has stopped me from working out.  In 2008 ,I was diagnosed with a tear in [...]


Burn Baby Burn

Just wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving and know that I will be running at least 1 mile everyday until New Years Day. This is an attempt to burn those dreaded lb's during the holiday season. Here's the way I look at this challenge, [...]


Kick Ass Workout!

I came across a real kick ass workout a couple weeks back and wanted to share it with you.  If you don't have time for T25, Insanity, P90x etc, and want a quick pump and cardio workout try this one on for size. It's call the 300 challenge, found [...]


9/11 Hug Your Kids

  Hug your kids, kiss your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, call your Mom, Dad, brother, sister and never forget what happened on this day 12 years ago!


Fitness Calculators

Need help finding out what your average pace per mile is when you run, bike etc?  What about amount of calories you burn when carry your clubs playing a round of golf, play softball or even yard work.  Keep in mind these calculators are not exact [...]


Workout Funk

I don't know if it's the heat or over training but I've been in a workout funk this week.  I did get three Focus T25 workouts done (awesome quick workouts by the way), some burpee workouts and ran twice but compared to my normal routine it's a [...]


Focus T25 is here!

I can find 25 minutes, can you? T25 is now available!....Below are the links to get you started! Base Package click here Challenge Pack click here Here's the description from Team Beachbody. 25 Minutes. 5 Days a Week. 100% Results. The [...]


Boston Marathon

      Thought and prayers go out to those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon.


To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

To stretch or not to stretch that is the question.  I just read a really interesting article titled Stop Stretching.  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is very interesting and goes into detail about why stretching can be harmful , in [...]

weight loss

Set Attainable Goals For Success!

So many people try and start a physical transformation with the wrong intentions and unrealistic goals.  Diets and New Year's Resolutions don't work because most people don't stay committed to the right goals.  Remember "FITNESS IS A LIFESTYLE," [...]


Insanity Workout Quiz 1

[mtouchquiz 2]




Filler Post! Mike Pascone