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FF30X Workout Review

When The Fit Dads website was started back in 2012 I was 35... now I am pushing 40 and I gotta say it makes a big difference! Recovery is harder... Seems much easier to put weight around the mid section... Energy & motivation seem to [...]


Insanity Max:30 Coming Soon!

TeamBeachBody did it again. A new ground breaking 30 minute workout that will push you to your max. If you though Insanity was difficult this new video will blow your mind. This 30 minute workout will push you to your limits and have you begging [...]


Free and Effective Home Workouts!

Deck of Cards Training Intense Customizable Workout This workout can be done anywhere and in approximately 18-25 minutes. Don't Get Stuck In A Rut! This is a great way to add some variety to your workout routine with a quick, effective, [...]


PiYo Workout Review

Team Beachbody is rolling out its newest video soon.  Be the 1st to buy this new exciting take on two of the best full body workout programs.  One of Beachbody's oldest, and best trainers put her spin on some classic workouts.  PiYo is a [...]


Insane Home Fat Loss

I wanted to do a post about this workout awhile back since that is when I actually did it. I did this workout last summer and forgot I had wrote about it in a word doc. I just found it so I figured why not. It is a fast and cheap workout and will [...]



Listen... I am still doing this workout and will do a FULL review soon, but I have to say P90X3 is awesome! I feel like an athlete training with it. In 30 minutes I am getting the best workout! Seriously if you are looking for something new, to [...]


Focus T25 Review

T25 Is Now Available! Scroll Down Bonus Offer! Well as you know most of us have done the Insanity workout and if you have done it then you know it is called Insanity for a reason! It’s INSANE!! Focus T25 is going to give you the best [...]


P90X2 Review

May is upon us and I just finished up my 90 Day P90X/Insanity Hybrid workout! No onto P90X2! I have to say I feel good! As you know we only do reviews of workouts that we have done here at the Fit Dads... so I am starting my P90X2 review. You [...]


Does Insanity Workout Work – Insanity Workout Review

[poll id="2"] Scroll Down Bonus Offer! Best Insanity Deal on the Web! At The Fits Dads we only review workouts and products we have used before. I have been wanting to put up an Insanity Workout Review for awhile since I have been doing this [...]


Body Beast Workout Review…

O.K. I started the Body Beast workout about two weeks ago , and I am nothing less than impressed with the videos.  I have done P90X and Insanity with great results, but wanted to try something different and attempt to add some muscle mass for the [...]


P90X Review

Well since I am starting up my 90 Day Challenge with a Insanity - P90X hyrbid workout I figured now would be the best time to set up a P90X Review as well as an Insanity Workout Review page. I have never finished the full 90 days of P90X, but I [...]