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P28 Healthy Protein Bread

24 June 2014 / 0 comments
Category: Diet Supplements

p28 I eat pretty clean, and that doesn’t really include many grain or bread options, until now.  The reason I don’t use bread or grains in my diet is because it is so hard to find a good product that is worth spending the extra money on.  Well I finally found some bread products that are truly awesome for you, and will give you the added protein your body needs without compromising your health.  P28 protein bread products are all natural, and made with 100% whole wheat, whey protein isolate, oats, flaxseed, millet.  The products contain 8 essential amino acids that your body needs for growth and energy.  These products are perfect for anyone trying to build muscle or lose weight! The P28 brand offers bread, flat breads, bagels, and assorted butters, so up your protein intake today!


Ken Rayhon

Written by Ken Rayhon

I am the proud father of 3 wonderful children and know how hard it is to find time to stay in shape.  Working full time and taking care of

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